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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Goodbye, My Little Angel

It's been awhile since I've updated and when I do post something, I came bearing bad news.
My most beloved cat, Jajan had just passed away this afternoon.

Even though I was prepared for his departure since he was already showing signs of old age a month back, I still cried. I'm still crying while typing this.

The only regret I have is that I wasn't by his side when he moved on.

Jajan had been sick for months. Always wheezing and having sudden cramp attack that left him immobilised for some time. All I did when he was suffering was pet him and talked to him as he lay on the bed, eyes wide and scared. Every single time, I cried 'cause it hurts to see him like this.

He hasn't been eating at all, merely drinking water. As time passed, he began to get really skinny, even skinnier than my black cat, whom I said was skinny. He peed on my bed twice, and even on himself. Sometimes he shits in my room too.

But you know you really love your pet when none of these things angered you even the slightest.

For the past week, he hasn't been sleeping with me. Always went to my parent's bedroom and slept under the bed. Eveytime I carried him to my room, he would stay there for a few moment before disapperaing again. I understands though. When cats are dying, they want to be left alone.

There were many times when Jajan appeared to be having his last breath. Till at one point, I whispered to him that if he wants to leave, just leave and that it's ok.
And two days later which was today, he did.

Yesterday, my brother knocked on my door and carried Jajan into my room before placing him on my bed. Sometimes I wondered if he wanted to see my brother one last time. Because in the end, Jajan was my brother's cat. He was the one who chose him to be one of the family members.

This morning, I woke up and saw Jajan in the kitchen. Seeing that he peed on himself again, I decided to give him a bath. It was the last bath for us. It pained me to see him trying to move and let out his voice as I shampooed him. He couldn't even move when I placed him on my lap and showered him.

Two hours later, I found him dead under my parents' bed. I scooped him in my lap and spent some moment kissing him for one final time. Though it greatly saddened me that I wasn't by his side when he took his last breath, it was nice to know that when I had found him, my black cat was by his side. At least he didn't die alone.

My mom said that maybe he wanted to go when he's cleaned.
But I guess whatever it is, Jajan's gone and his sufferings had finally ended.

I'm going to miss watching his sleeping face.

I'm going to miss looking at his back next to my head.
I'm going to miss burying my face in his fur when I sleep even though I complained about having flu the next day.
I'm going to miss kissing his mouth and nose.
I'm going to miss his loud irritating voice, mewing at me every time he wanted my attention.

I'm going to miss his claws digging into my skin.

I'm going to miss playing with his ears.
I'm going to miss poking at his short cute tail and see it twitched in annoyment.

I'm going to miss fangirling about Arashi in front of him.

I'm going to miss shocking him with my sudden random squeals.
I'm going to miss seeing him twitch in his sleep.

I'm going to miss hitting him slightly hard and see him glaring at me.

I'm going to miss him coming to me whenever I called his name.
I'm going to miss bathing him.

I'm going to miss bestowing him with my kisses.
I'm even going to miss him vomitting on my bed.

But most of all, I'm going to miss having him by my side.


Thank you for being a wonderful companion to me for these 14 years of my life.
You were always there whenever I was sad, coming to me and lying down next to me as I cried. Always there when I was happy or angry. I hope you had lived your life to the fullest when you're in this family. And I hope I have been a good and worthy owner to you.

Now I prayed you are having a blast of a time up there while I will try my hardest to recover from my loss. Do not worry about me though. I am surrounded by people who will make sure I will be alright.

Rest in Peace, Ajan. I love you.

You are and will always be my little angel

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Life is Beautiful

Heyhey!! OMG after more than 5 months, I'm finally updating my blog LOL
But I guess no one really cares ( except for Huisian who's bugging me to update it XD )

And guess what? My long awaited post will not be abt Arashi!! ( or maybe jus a little abt them haha )

Anyway, I'm sooogonna get bricked but after all those things I've said abt never watching Kdrama, I went and watched one.

Life is Beautiful is the title~

The reason I knew this drama was because someone posted clips about this gay couple in it, and after watching the clips, I found the drama to be interesting so in the end I went and watched the while 64 episodes of it XDXD

Basically it's about a family living in Jeju Island. In my opinion, it's like a 'As the World Turns' minus all those angsty moments. This one is mainly a comedy drama I guess with a bit of angst here and there. I will intro the family members with a bit of my opinion about them. Of course I will start with the main reason I knew this drama in the first place LOL

I will describe them according to Tae Sub's relations and not in general.

Yang Tae Sub

The eldest son of the family who is a closet gay. He is an introvert. A sensitive and calm, polite doctor in his thirties. The kind that everyone wants as a son.

When I first saw him, I already fallen in love with the character and the actor.. LOL.. I guess I just like older guys now and he reminds me of Jackie Chan HAHAH!
Well, I like his character in the drama. Hard to describe but he's very well- mannered man though he showed his coldness towards his step mom. Still, his step mom treasures him the most among all her children. It's so damn obvious.

He can also be a bit prissy with Kyung Soo, his boyfriend. Sometimes his reaction makes me go WTH??!

Kyung Soo

Kyung Soo's personality is opposite of Tae Sub. He's more outgoing and straightforward. He already came out to his family and was treated like a black sheep of the family. He was divorced and has a daughter. He's a lecturer and photographer.

I have to say, I want a boyfriend like him *o*
He's sooo nice towards Tae Sub and so patient and understanding~

By the way, Tae Sub and him are at the same age.

 Chae Young

Tae Sub's ex-girlfriend. A cheerful woman who kept clingin to Tae Sub even though she broke up with him.

She appeared in Arashi's show before XDXD
At first, I didn't really like this girl. Especially when she barged into Tae Sub's house and met his parents when he already told her he's not interested in getting back with her. She's liek so deaperate.

But apart from that, I guess she's okay~

The Mom, Kim Min Jae

She's a cool mom in my opinion. Yeah the typical mom who nag and cares for her children. But seriously, she needs to set aside some of the biasness towards Tae Sub ( and they're not eve blood-related )

Anyway, the way she handled the situation when her son told her about him being gay is A+... Of course she went all angry and sad but she gave him 100% support.. It's very sweet.

The Dad, Yang Byung Tae

Tae Sub's dad. And I love him!!! He's nice and gentle and cares alot about his children. It's like as long as you are happy, he's happy. He cried when he knew about Tae Sub, worrying about how his son was going to survive in the world ( since Korea is very against gays. ) rather than about his son being gay, and that's sayinga lot about his personality.

Both of the parents are soo cute together~ Always rooting for their children and each other. Love all the moments both of them shares. It's sweet to look at XD

Yang Ho Sub

Tae Sub's younger bro.

He's cute and funny and I love how protective he is of his older bro. He was all 'If Kyung Soo upsets you, I'll beat him up.'

He was pretty accepting when he knew about his bro, always siding with him. Though I think at the beginning he kind of don't understand his bro much since the latter is always by himself and does not talk much.

The Grandparents

The grandma hates the grandpa. It's kinda complicated. Something about her husband leaving them behind and not caring about her at all when they were younger. And now, he had returned to the household after being kicked out of his own house.

It's damn funny at the beginning of the series when they tried their best to hide him from the grandma.

Kyung soo's Mom

I can't remember her name but seriously if this is Cinderella, she is the terrible stepmom. She so cunning and only thinks about herself, even though she stressed that its for the family. She was always on Kyung Soo's tail, begging and forcing him to go back to his ex-wife. Frankly it's damn irritating and of course I felt like strangling her. It's just the way she hounds on them. She's like the devil in the drama.

Tae Sub was afraid of her when she came to him and threaten him that she will spill it to his parents. Yeah I know, Tae Sub is a coward but I <3 him anyway Lol

 Yang Ji Hye

Tae Sub's step sis. A short-tempered woman and abit too controlling of her husband.

At first I didn't really like her 'cause she's the typical modern kind of woman. She was abit miffed about the fact that her mom cares more about her step sis than her own daughter.

But after a few episodes, I grew to like her alot. She's pretty strong-headed at times and I love her for siding with her bro when he came out.

Yang Cho Rong

Tae Sub's younger sister. A bright girl. She was the first to found out about Tae Sub.

I like her at first but especially during Tae Sub's coming out. She was supportive of him, even though she cried her heart out cos she had a major crush on Kyung Soo lol.

But when Ho Sub was getting married, she had this bitchy, irritating side of her which I guess people called it brother complex. And she was awfully mean to her friend who was sorta her boyfriend?

Yang Byung Joon

Tae Sub's oldest uncle. A serious man.

I have to say I really love this guy alot! He's like the most supporting man I have ever seen XD

I thought he would be the one to give Tae Sub the cold shoulder or be disgusted by him due to his no-nonsense nature but I was wrong. He was the most understanding one out of all, handling the situation with so much calmness.

Yang Byung Keol

Tae Sub's yougest uncle. A man who only knows how to shoot his mouth without thinking.

Seriously, as much as I love him for his comedic actions, I really despise him most of the times. He really didn't know how to read the atmosphere, always saying things he shouldn't be saying.

He was the most disgusted with Tae Sub, cursing him and regarded the man as a dirty bastard.

Boo Yeon Joo

Ho Sub's love interest.

Nothing much to say except she's a diligent woman. I wasn't into her at first especially when she showed some arrogant attitude towards Ho Sub.

Jo Ah Ra

Byung Joon's love interest and Chang Young's auntie/cousin?

Aside from her weird accent when she spoke japanese, I kinda like her. though her flirty attitude kinda irked me at the beginning but her relationship with Byung Joon is interesting to watch :D


I guess that's all~
There are other characters but I don't really care much about them lol..

Of course the drama doesn't ficus on KyungTae ( Kyung Soo and Tae Sub ) all the time since the drama is not about them. I think this is a drama I recommend some of those to watch :)

Maybe it will have give awareness to some about gays.

PS: I am SOOO gonna have a KyungTae picspams in the next entry XDXD

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Driving Testttt

OMG I finally got my driving licenseeeee~!!!
all those 2 months of learning paid offf XD
I realised I took less than 6 months to get my license ( excluding the 2-3 months of waiting for the test date )

When I woke up, I was totally stoned. Ate a banana and drank my milk.. Needless to say I was so nervous that I felt numb ^^

I was pretty damn worried abt failing the test and having to wait another 2 months.. My mom said its ok to not pass and jus to do my best, but you know me.. I don like failing at something when my frens, Cher n Huisian already passed theirs.. It will b soo embarrassing especially since my frens and some relatives knows that Im taking my test today. >__<

When I left my house, so many unlucky things happened to me. Firstly, I heed Huisian's advice and brought a book to read so to take my mind off abt the test. Then I realised that the book Ive brought, I already finished reading it like 2 days ago..

Next, when I reached admiralty, I missed the shuttle bus. So I decided to release my stress, I should take a walk and walked all the way to the SSDC centre.. The brisk walk took abt 20 mins.. Damn nice idea in my opinion cos my adrealine kinda builds up after the warm up XD

Straight away when I reached, I was jus in time for the car warm-up. Took the car and drove around making sure that I get my points correct. ( Tho in the end it's kinda useless )

Niwae, after the warm-up I went to wait at the waiting room for the tester. Halfway though, the worst thing to ever happen, happened to me. I got the most damn stomachache ever. Out of all times.
When I tried to leave the room in hope I would hav a few mins, the testers came.. So in the end I had to hold on for an hour @___@

During the test everything was fine~
well, except the parallel parking.. I kept getting my turning point late. Its a good thing I didn't freak out and slowly took my time to adjust it.. Surprisingly I was pretty calm during the whole event. Usually I would make stupid mistakes already during revisions LOl

Niwae, after completing the parallel parking, I was told to move off and when I reversed, I just had to hit the kerb.. OMG after hearing that I scored 10 demerit points, I was totally discouraged.. I mean who wouldn't be? I still hav some tests to do in the circuit and I still havta drive outside..

It's a good thing the rest of the tests were the ones I don hav a prob with. After the circuit, went out to drive. It went well. Jus that as we return, I made a fatal mistake of not listening to the tester properly.. Supposed to enter by the 1st gate but I went ahead to the 2nd one.. I was damn lucky my tester was a super nice guy..
Although he wasn't really pleased, he still assured me its ok no prob..

When we get back to the centre he told me my circuit was not so good cos i keep reversing and den move forward.. for my stupid parallel parking tat is.. but my outside drive is good so he passed me XD
I received 16 demerit points, 10 for striking kerb, 2 for turning the wheels while car is stationary and 4 for failing to confirm safety.
If I didn't strike the kerb, I would only hav 6 demerit points.. Haiz...

Niwae, after that I released all the stuffs Ive been holding on in the toilet LOL
watched the gruesome graduation vid tat everyone has to watch when they received their license. I knew Cher freaked while watching the vid.. Can jus imagine her squirming HAHHAH. After that, went to applied my license.

Another bad thing to happen to me, I had to take IC photo since the license needs one and the only ATM jus had to be out of use at the moment >___<
I don bring cash in my wallet so I was actually damn lucky tat I had some.. Bahh so many things happening to me jus in one day...

Well, made my license.. Have to wait till next month for it to arrive~
After that, went to meet my mom cos I asked her to accompany me to the bank to fill up my form for my freelance payment thingy~

Im gonna miss my instructors.. didn't even meet him jus now DDD:
but still i jus couldn't believe it..

I PASSED!!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Since Huisian wanted to c my rebond hair so much Lol


Saturday, August 07, 2010

NANA Outing

After so long, NANA went out for another outing XD... We met up at Bugis Junction and spent the whole day there...

Took Neoprints which Cher will scan and pass it to us later.. I will upload the pics once I've received it XD
Niwae, we bought another bracelet to replace the onces we lost..Well, all of us aside Leelin tat

OMG, I'm being bullied by them today... Actually its jus meme.. All tat things she did to me when decorated the neoprints T___T

This time instead of putting the initials NANA, we put a teddy as the symbol of NANA.. After soo much compromising etc mainly bacause of me since all the stuffs they wanted, I refused lol...

Can u figure out which one is mine?? LOL pretty easy actually XD

We spent so much time choosing the bracelets tat before we realised it, its already 9 pm.. So we decided to head back and here I am.. ^^

Its fun guys~
Next time let's not wait for nearly 2 years to have another outing XD

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Arashi 9th album - 僕の見ている風景

omg been a supeeerrr long time since I've updated..And since I've got nothing better to do, I will write down my thoughts about all the tracks in arashi new album, Boku no miteiru fuukei. It's short and simple ^^ Be warned though my descriptions for teh songs sux...


Disc 1

Track 1: Movin' On
The first time I heard it was when Aiba played it on his radio. It's a catchy upbeat song..Not the happy kind but more of a serious? Anyway, my first thought was it's not bad..Actually it's nice to hear.. Especially am addicted to Just now we go! parts.. Lol And how can I left out Sho's rap aka Sakurap? I think the lyrics are well written.. Jus as expected of our rapper ^^

Track 2: Mada Ue wo (マダ上ヲ)
The starting reminds me a bit of Suju? Kinda new style of song for arashi in my opinion. Like Movin' On, its nice to hear.. The kind that I will like after listening to it a few times XD I guess its more of a sexy kinda song.. Not the typical, I love you I will die for you LOl

Track 3: Refrain (リフレイン)
Omg what can I say..I love love the song the first time Aiba played it on his radio! It's like bang to my heart.. 'Cause the part where Ohno and Nino sang respectively..That really stole my breath away... The song I guess is more of the painful kind of love? Like after break-up..

Track 4: Troublemaker
Sho's drama Tokujo Kabachi!! theme song..What can I say again? Almost everyone loves this song.. It's so addictive and happy..I've been listening to it since they released their single in march and I'm still loving it...You can't help but just sing along at the chorus XD
Sweet sweet~

Track 5: T.A.B.O.O (Sakurai Sho solo)
I havta say I didn't really like the song..It's more of a sexy song? I guess the song I love most of Sho's solo is Hip Pop Boogie..That one is cool XD

Track 6: Circus (サーカス)
The first thing that came to my mind when I heard the beginning was a mysterious song...I can imagine it as sort of anime-like song? Like the opening theme for Pandora Hearts LOL
Kinda nice to hear ^^

Track 7: Gift (ギフト)
Well, this is the song I really encouraged people to listen.. It's a nice slow sweet song.. Although they made a mistake by starting the song with the weakest singer in my opinion.. Aniway, the lyrics are meaningful.. The part you need to hear is at the bridge where Ohno sang his solo..Around 3:42.. That part is soo heartwrenchin, sweet and nostalgic all at once.. And I'm not saying this 'cause I'm being bias XD

And i really don know why but the instrumental at the beginning and at the end reminds me a tad bit of FF7 >__>

Track 8: Everything 
Aaahhh.. The song where Ohno was sooo black in the mv.. Lol.. Hmmm.. Since I've listened to it like so many times, I can't really say is it good or not but it's pleasant to hear.. Especially if you are walking by the beach and listening to the song with your headset.. It really gives a nice relaxing feeling.. An upbeat song ^^
 I can say that this is more of an evening song? Like the kind when you can jus sit and watch the sunset..

Track 9: Come back to me (Matsumoto Jun solo)
Among all the members' solo, Matsujun's ones are the most I rarely listen to.. Might be 'cause of his voice but his genre of song too doesn't suit my taste.. The only solo song I love of his is La Familia because the lyrics are sweet.. Written by him to the arashi members.. But surprisingly I like his solo for this album.. Totally remind me of the Kpop style at the start? And also a bit of Perfume's style mixed.. Kinda techno-ish at the beginning.. Overall I havta say the song is nice XD

Track 10: My Girl (マイガール)
Aiba's drama, My Girl theme song.. This MV is a must watch! Sad yet sweet at the same time.. It's a song that expresses gratitude.. A pleasant song to hear.. Loves listening to this song when I'm feeling nostalgic.. XD

Track 11: Magical Song (Aiba Masaki solo)
Oh Aiba.. Lol It totally suits his image.. The song was really written just for him.. So happy and fun to hear.. Can totally imagine him running up and down during the concert while singing this song.. Aiba's solos are second among the members that I always listen to...

Track 12: Let Me Down
Another song I don't really listen to.. Doesn't suit my taste I guess.. Hmm.. Can't say much.. It's an ok song.. But I felt like something's missing when listening to it.. Like it left me unsatisfied kinda.. @___@
Disc 2

Track 1: Monster
Ohno's drama Kaibutsu-kun theme song.. Nice song.. But not as good as Truth though.. The chorus is nice to hear though I especially love the beginning.. Where the others sang before Ohno solo's start XD The bridge/instrumental part is a creepy feeling yet so circus-like to me.. It's like a clown will appear kind of feel.. And I hate clowns >__>
Track 2:Don't stop
The song doesn't appeal to me at first till I heard the chorus.. I like it straight away XD
It's more of a encouragement kinda song.. Kinda mild fiery song.. If I havta say, it sorta have the same genre as Movin' On but of a milder version.

Track 3: Shizuka na Yoru ni (静かな夜に) (Ohno Satoshi solo)
OHNOOOO!!! Seriously this guy's solos are the best among all.. Altthough I was super disappointed that it's not a dance song, I'm totally addicted to the song.. After reading the lyrics, I can't say how much I love the guy who created this song for him.. The bad part is this song don't hav a climax like Take Me Faraway but it's still 100% worth listening.. It's more sorrowful and really meaningful.. Kinda artistic feel.. If Aiba's solo Magical Song suits him than it's the same for Ohno... This song is like totally made for him... I realised that Ohno's genre now catered to more slow ballad kind unlike his older solos like Top Secret etc where it totally gives out a cool image...

Track 4: Mukae ni Iku yo (むかえに行くよ)
Another song I love XD... The normal kind that Arashi usually sings.Not a happy kind though.. The lyric is more about one own self.. A kind of song I will listen when I'm thinking about life? Hard to explain but yeah hahaha

Track 5: 1992*4##111 (Ninomiya Kazunari solo)
This guy really knows how to write lyrics XD.. I especially love his Niji song.. Niwae, for this song he wrote, the lyrics are sweet and you can jus feel the love Lol.. It's a happy song by the way.. I don think Nino ever sang a sad song for his solo.. No wait.. There were and its totally heart wrenching.. I recommend you Yume and Kouseki! Totally a must to listen XD

Track 6: Sora Takaku (空高く)
Whenever I listen to this song it reminds me of their special drama hahaha.. I like the beginning.. 1,2,3,4,5 ~
It started mild but gets more upbeat during the chorus part... I called this another encouraging song XD Makes you get more and more tension UP~

Track 7: Kagerô
Another song I love~ And also another song that hav the anime-like feel.. Like the adventure kind? Rave maybe? haha Even works for games like Wild Arms..
Its nice to listen to it when you're in a hurry I guess XD

Track 8: Summer Splash!
At first I didn't really like the song when Matsujun played it on his radio but after awhile, the songs kinda wormed its way into my heart hahaha... The beginning totally reminds me of A1's summertime..
Just like the title say, this song radiates of summer feel.. The lyrics too lol.. Overall its fun to listen to XD

** Added some of the songs from the album to the playlist.

These are only my opinions and my taste.. Others might disagree with what I say..Overall, I havta admit, I think this album is weaker compared to the older ones.. I love more songs in the older album compared to this one. Hopefully they will release an album again next year XD

Monday, April 19, 2010

Outing at Pulau Ubin


Went to Pulau Ubin yesterday for cycling with Yana,Apiz,Maya,Syaheedah and han...
It was fun and boy was it tiring..I think I became a burden to teh group..

Lol..the slopes were a killer...After a few times trying to cycle up in the end I jus ended pushing the bike up the slopes >___>

Niwae, havta specially thank Yana cos she like treated me for almost everything including the ferry fare when gg there and also the nasi lemak lol..

we shuld do this kind of outing more often..mayb hiking at MacRitchie XDDD

Friday, April 09, 2010


After so many weeks of procrastinating, I finally went out for a brisk walk!!!!

LOL...Only spent half an hour tho..Then before going home I climebed up till level 12 den back down..

Hopefully I can wake up in the morning tomolo for another walk before meeting my friends for homecoming at my old sch XDDD

Monday, March 29, 2010

Comparisons and a minor bitching?

Im bored cos I woke up early in the morning since I havta go sch but wat do u know?Its cancelled so I'm gonna rant...

but not abt this just gonna make a comparisons between 2 out of 3 grps that i love ^^

why do i say 2 instead of 3?cos FTI is totally on a different genre since they r a band not a grp~


TVXQ! and Arashi...
( I realise that most of those who love Arashi also loves DBSK LOL tats nice to know )

These two grps are so different yet so similar..why i said that? I don know but somehow they both gave me the same when im watching yoochun somehow he reminds me of sho LOL

And the one most BIG thing I love abt this 2 grps is their closeness with their own members.. All the love in the grp makes me go awwww~ LOL

First things first,I am sick of ppl saying omg dbsk is so handsome sexy etc..OMg i love them lots la and I agree they r blessed with gorgeous features and bodies but what attracts me first was their personalities...

Like Arashi,I didn't listen to their singing first..I watched their dramas,saw Yunho and i like his funny personality than I looked at their grp...Tho Im not crazy abt yunho as much as i am last time...He became sort of serious etc and I found it boring..Like I said, personalities' first for me.

DBSK and Arashi hav some common characters in the grp...Like Aiba and Junsu, they r the funny ones. The one that the others would bully jus for a laugh ( tho Sho and Oono also fit the bill )..Nino and Changmin would belong to the Tsukkome category..The one who gibes the members.. Matsujun and Yunho belong to the leader-like category..( tho Yunho IS the leader LOL ) They r the serious ones in the grp. I cannot believe I will grp them together but Oono and Jaejoong belong to the same category..Not in terms of looks obviously..As much as I LOVE Oono, I havta say that he's not one of the best-looking ones even in Arashi..Niwae this pair r the ones who givs weird comments and behaves weirdly..hahaha

Aniway, DBSK can b funny at times...Only at times..Most of the time they are refined and serious. I want them to be like BAHHHH CRAZY...I think DBSK can b quite a grp that wans to please others too much. When I watch them on shows etc, their comments and conversations sounds forced as though they r saying it just cos its wat we wanted to hear. They r too stiff with their talk..

Arashi on the other hand, is jus crazy.. They are way older than DBSK but they sure don act their age.. But as crazy as they r, they still hav tat respect they nd for those who r their seniors. If DBSK were to behave like Arashi I will die from shock and applaud cos they r finally showing their real attitudes hahaha.

Now to the important part, music. As much as Arashi excel DBSK in terms of entertaining, DBSK beats them in music. One thing that is different between these two is that DBSK are singers.. They mainly sings and dance. Arashi are IDOLS means their main occupation is not singing. They r actors, singers, dancers, and also comedians. They r more of entertainers IMO.

DBSK sings way better than Arashi in a sense that DBSK can sing more genres, and can handle all the pitch and tones in the songs. Arashi jus sings mainly pop songs and don really hav good vocals. Even Oono who is one of the best singer in Johnny's Entertainment couldn't come close to DBSK ( except mayb Yunho whi IMO is the weaker one ).. That's how good DBSK singing is. Im not saying that I hate Arashi's songs. Heck, I listen to their songs everyday and love it. Arashi can sing but not as well as DBSK. That's all ( Tho I havta agree Matsujun cannot really sing >__> ). They do have pleasant songs just that mayb most ppl will not find it nice to hear..

Hmmm...wat else?The reason I like them?

DBSK -- Because of their songs. Their personalities' is a minus for me but their excellent vocals makes up for it..Im not saying they hav a bad ass attitudes.. All the members are caring, nice and respectful and I love them for tat. Jus that on talk show-wise, they r not really attracting me..They lost their sparks. And Yunho can be too competitive at times. I don really like tat.. >.>

Arashi -- Its a good thing Im not picky on vocals much so basically I love everything about them. Im not being bias even though Im like crazy abt them now. They r funny and from wat I read abt them from the other artists etc, they r nice and polite. They r not like the younger grps that debuted after them ( Kattun etc who thinks they r cool )..Mayb cos they r from another generations? Lol the older generations..I love the older grps more like TOKIO and V6. So yeah, I love everything abt them.. Tho Sho, like Yunho can b quite competitive...Like I said I hate tat..

You will never see DBSK in stockings over their heads or getting floured in the face or wearing shirt that hav holes at their nipples rite? Arashi is the kind of grp that although it's embarrassing, will do stupid crazy things jus to entertain you..

Overall, Arashi may not be the most handsome ppl you laid ur eyes on but their down to earth nature makes up for it. I mean ever since the korean wave hit singapore, I realised Im beginning to not like korean as much as I did last time. I mean Im tired of listening to ppl gg OMG DBSK soooo handsome and blah blah...

WTH..Are looks all that matters? I'd rather hear them being praised for their voices. I mean as a singer, issit the voice or the face that u will b wanting to be impressed for? Im sure DBSK will b sick of hearing ppl saying they r handsome instead of commenting on their singing abilities.

Im not picky like most ppl.. I mean look at whom I love.. DBSK and Arashi..Oono and Yunho.. See the different? Handsome Vs Average.. Tall Vs short.. Buff Vs yeah Lol I may say I like guys who are tall etc but when it comes down to it I don really care as long as your personalities are wat I want. XD

Enough bitching Lol..So yeah, tat's mostly wat attracted me to them. I realised tat like DBSK, ever since Arashi popularity rise, ppl began making more rumours and criticising them..Seems like they don hav anything much to do in their life... Wonder why do they only do this kind of things now when they didn't even spare a glance at them when they were less popular.. >.>

OMG so much rantings LOl

I guess that's it? Ppl keep saying tat Arashi is all I care abt and Im tired of saying otherwise.. I mean just cause I don talk abt DBSK or FTI doesn't make me not a crazy fan of them... Its cos they don hav anything new to fangal on.. Arashi hosts like 3 shows every week so there's something to fangal abt. Tho its seems I won get any Arashi shows till April since they r on a break T__________T

HAhaha..kk enuff ranting..Gonna stop here now~ XD

All these are all entirely based on MY opinions. Wouldn't wan some hardcore fans who thinks these gorgeous ppl belongs to them,to bash me >.>

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Finally done with this painting....

Today, my mom brought us out to eat at swensons....the first time in my 22 yrs of life did I went to that place...Lol

and boy did I ate alot...All the walking I did the day before is pointkless...Oh well..gonna go exercise again todae...Better lose wome of those weight before graduation ceremony >.>

Monday, March 01, 2010


Bahhh...finally finished my modules...Now all I keft is to prepare for showcase...
And im finally strting back on my diet XDXD

Well,since I hav nothing much to do anymore,I've decided to amke this blog a place for my fangirlness to appear..Lol

first up,arashi troublemaker!!!

i finally bought the RE singleeee XD first when i heard the song it wasn't the kind tat make me like it on the spot but somehow it became addictive after u listen to it for awhile..
i especially like the part when all of them were singing solo at the back..Oooohhhhhhh niceeee XD

some ppl don like the song cos its catchy blah blah blah but well,its all up to individual's taste.. ^^

btw sho is HOT in this pv XDXD

the pv was likeable..i meant its fun to watch tho i prefer them dancing..cos i like their dance movesssss...n its stopmotion....i just did my stopmotion minor project like few weeks ago lol..its tiring >.>

as usual oono became the bullied one in this pv as like all the others hahahhaa

aniway,their 3rd song,mou ippo, was dammmmnnnnnn nice!
when i heard jus the first verse i knew im gonna like it more than troublemaker...

and tats saying alot since i listened to troublemaker almost everyday,every minute hhahahha
their making...i think i prefer my girl making...troublemaker making was ok just tat u don see them interact with each other much...they shuld put more >___<

guess tats abt it? short is my hubbie >.>
and aiba u making me fall for u again~l

Arashi 5x10 DVD concert is finally going to be out on april 9..damn i wanna buy!!!
ok enuff arashi-ing...errr..

FTI...hmm..nothing much been going with them..just tat i saw their dvd on hmv last sat and felt like buying them @____@

dbsk...junsu n junho is coming to singapore~n jaejoong as well as yoochun might b coming too..wth..i can't go T____T
hope meme take alot of piccies XD

ohwell..that's all i guess...for now ^^

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

at FYP room

Today went to school to edit my digiphotos....Then slack all the way...I brought my camera for no reason so I decided to take some piccies of my frens LOL...

where cheryl's workspace is at...isn't it dangerous leaving ur wallet lying ard....

my two hardworking membersssss...

Meme doing her hardworking @___@

errr...Kaiting doing weird pose when she saw me taking pic of her..

n cher givin me her unglam face..Lol

while im busy clickin away,they r busy discussing >.>

still discussing...

and finally, a person dreaming to become a photographer Lol

Oh well...tat's my day..Went home n talked to my frens on msn...n slacking..bahhh...need to strt digimatte 2moloooo >____<

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Grp Picccccc

taken during Art exhibition

taken while waiting for our photoshoot..yupp..its 8+pm LOL

Monday, January 25, 2010

Jajan and Sho's Birthday Picspam

Jajan in my arms

Painting I did for Art xhibition todayyy..Bahhh so tired but its kinda fun in a way...Gonna miss Ms Gail mann..

Oh~And although its kinda late, today's Sho's birthday!! LOL
and cos of tat,as usual picspammmmm!!!! XDXD

And so, hope u continue being a dorky yet serious newscaster XD